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PAA Ascension Flat Bottom


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As the definition of an adjustable razor take on additional meaning with the Rockwell 6 series and Karve, which to me are really razors with changeable base plates, the definition of adjustable is once again stretched with the addition of the PAA Ascension Twist Adjustable Razors. I thought it was questionable to consider these razors as being adjustable because there is no dial or even marks on the head or handle to show a setting. It works be tightening or loosening the handle to allow for more or less blade exposure, something that I have been doing with a rubber O ring in between the base plate and handle of any razor.

Currently there are three models and all are DOC (dual open comb) - the Original which is machined aluminum with a curved base plate, a Stainless Steel version of the same design, and a Flat Bottom version, which is machined aluminum but with a flat bottom base plate to add more weight (though not much more).

I heard from many that it was a good shaver and so I got the Flat Bottom. When I received it, I was amazed that this was a well designed razor where the cap and the base plate is very bowed, which allows the tension of the blade to serve as the spring that keeps the head from loosening. To use, one would load a blade and then tighten completely and then loosen by about a quarter to a half turn. That would be the aggressive setting. Tightening more will make the shave milder.

I tried it a couple of times already and it actually works well. Without any markings however, I would have to guess a starting point every time I shave. Used correctly, it is a very efficient razor.

Diese Art von einstelbarheit gabes öfter. Bei Fasan wurde das sogar angeraten: bei hartem Bat, dreh der Griff ein halber Schlag weniger Fest, und der Fasan hat auch keine Einstellungsmarkmale. Der Le Coq License Palmer macht eigenlich auch nicht mehr als das: dreh der Griff und die Klingenspalte vergrößert. Der hat aber noch ein Feder um die Klinge fest zu klemmen. Dieser PAA, so wie meine Norwegische Evershap, hat das nicht.