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Frankenrazor Februar


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Meine Freunde, ich erkläre den Monat Februar zum Frankenrazor Februar. Ich weiß, dass ihr Leute da draußen seid und also macht mit und lasst alle über eure Lieblingskreationen wissen.

Ich habe eine Faszination für seltsame hobel, aber eines der ersten Dinge, die ich mit einem seltsamen hobel mache, ist zu sehen, ob andere Teile passen, damit ich einen Frankenrazor bauen kann.

Um es klar zu sagen, ich stimme der strengen Definition von Frankenrazor zu, bei der Kappe und Base von zwei verschiedenen hobel verwendet werden. Ich lade andere ein, sich für diesen Monat anzuschließen und deine Lieblings-Frankenrazors zu posten. Um diejenigen nicht zu beleidigen, die nur den Griff wechseln, gebe ich zu, dass manchmal ein Griffwechsel den Charakter eines hobel verändert, und deshalb bitte mitmachen.

Beginnen Sie also, Ihre hobel auseinanderzunehmen und wieder zusammenzubauen, denn Frankenrazor Februar beginnt am Freitag!

Bitte verzeihen Sie mir, wenn ich im Februar anfange, auf Englisch zu posten, aber vieles, was ich sagen darf, macht auf Deutsch vielleicht keinen Sinn.
Well i never build a Frankenrazor up to now, but I will have a try to get a frankenrazor working
Here it is my Frankenrazor:


Kanzy Bali Head Gillette Nachbau
Kurzer EJ Griff.

Mit einer Pol Silver eine Macht.

Gruß Tom
Frankenrazor Feb 1 - Gillette Tech cap / New LC base

This was my FIRST Frankenrazor. I did not know what it was a Frankenrazor at that time, I what I just got two razors for the price of one and a half. I first bought the Tech and later found a New LC baseplate and swapped them out. The original set was sold a while back and so I had to recreate one for opening day.

No real surprises. This combo shaves so close to a New LC that I can not tell the difference. I am sure you like Gillette hard core folks want me in my assessment. It gave me a very comfortable two pass plus DFS and something very consistent in performance.

Frankenrazor Feb 2 – Merkur medium cap/ Slant Stroke base

This was Frankenrazor Zero for me – my original Frankenrazor. I had just gotten the Variant at that time and was totally impressed with the trough style base plate. I saw the Slant Stroke which had a similar type base plate and bought it on the basis of that.

When I tried it out, I was totally disappointed because this was my first razor that was a full three pass plus touch up with a different razor. I was ready to pack it up but tried changing the cap to one of my spare Merkur clone caps. The change was significant! Suddenly this razor became a two passes plus touch up DFS. The top cap added a little more weight, but I think it bent the blade a little more, making it stiffer. This was the start of my slippery path.

Frankenrazor Feb 3 – Gillette Old Type Cap/ Roller Guard Base

Not sure if this is a true Frankenrazor because the base plate was manufactured specifically to be used as a replacement for the Gillette Old Type, but I am including it because I look for any excuse to shave with this. Back in 1929, the Roller Guard Razor Co. produced a product called The Roller Guard (duh). It was to replace the OC base plate of the Old Type with one that used rollers instead. I know at the beginning I said I didn’t consider a change of handle to be a true Frankenrazor, but in this case, the Tech fat handle just worked better instead of the OT ball end (so yes, I am breaking my own rule).

At first it was like the first time on roller skates, where you take a WTG stroke and it rolls half way down your jaw line. Once adjusted to this, the razor shaved like a combination safety bar and open comb (with a power lawn mower thrown in). Great painless two pass plus touch up BBS

Next couple of days, I will be reporting on slant Frankenrazors. The torqued slants such as the RR 37 (bottom) presented some challenges because they are twisted and so not as interchangeable and some do not fit well, however I did manage to get some matches. For the Diagonal slants I had the Windrose B3 clone (middle) and what @MudShark identified as a Lutz humpback (top). At first I thought there were possibilities with these two because the screw post was straight, however they could fit a very limited number of bases.

2 slants.JPG
Frankenrazor Feb 4 – Ikon X3 Cap/ Ikon DLC Slant Base

This was sold on eBay by Ikon as the Hybrid Slant. I did not come up with the idea, but it was a perfect match. The original Ikon slant with a high domed cap produced an efficient but rough shave. Using the thinner X3 cap really mellowed out the roughness while maintaining the efficiency. Tonight’s shave was a very comfortable two pass plus touch up BBS.

Frankenrazor damit meint er einen Hobel aus verschiedenen Hobeln zusammengebaut ja?
Ja. Auf der gleichen Art wie Franke
nstein zusammen gebastelt wurde.
Ein richtiger Frankenrazor hat die Grundplatte und den Deckel von verschiedenen Hobeln. Wenn der griff von einem dritten Hobel stammt ist der Frankenrazor perfekt.

Na dann:
IMG_20190205_095854.jpg IMG_20190205_095904.jpg

ATT SS Cap, Calypso R1 Platte & TiBam Norsborg Griff (Titanium)
Frankenrazor Feb 5 – RR German 37 Cap/ PAA BOCS Base

Most torqued slants and not totally torqued similarly or have problems seating properly. The chiseled RR 37 cap seemed to be most agreeable with other torqued slants. This combo marginally worked. The chiseled top combined with the OC base really made this a shaver that was different in character than both of the originals. It had the efficiency of the BOCS, but with the comfort of the 37. This translated again into a comfortable two pass plus touch up BBS.
Frankenrazor Feb 6 – RR German 37 Cap/ Ikon DLC Slant Base

Well, if the thin cap of the X3 paired so well with the Ikon slant base, I tried pairing it with the German 37 cap. The fit was almost perfect and so tonight’s shave was with that. As with the X3 cap, the German 37 cap was thin and allowed for a comfortable shave. The chiseled and scalloped edges of the cap suggested an angle to follow and following that angle led to a comfortable shave. Again, another two pass plus touch up BBS, but with slightly less effort that the two previous nights, although the original Ikon Hybrid still shaved the most comfortable.

Frankenrazor Feb 7 – RR German 37 Cap/ mystery DDR slant Base

I received an unidentified slant from @efsk a while back. I was told that it was probably from the DDR, although the name and manufacturer was a mystery. I tried the German 37 cap n it and it somewhat fit. The cap was longer than the base and the pins smaller and so it did allow some movement when tightening the blade. I noticed immediately that what this meant was that the blade could stick forward at the ends instead of facing downward. With this in mind, I attempted a shave.

The shave actually turned out quite comfortable, with the WTG pass being very comfortable and efficient. I could have stopped with just a touch up and end up with a one pass plus touch up DFS, but I continued with my ATG pass. The ATG pass was not as efficient for some reason (maybe it was the blade seating problem I noticed earlier), and in the end, even though I did a complete ATG pass and touch up, I still could not get past a DFS. This is one case where the original DDR mystery slant actually shaved better.